Who is Satoshi Nakamoto – the Bitcoin inventor?

Nakamoto is a huge mystery. Nobody knows who Satoshi Nakamoto really is. We know only a few facts, which in no way indicate a specific person. The history associated with Nakamoto began in 2008, when at just such a name was published the concept of creating a digital cryptocurrency (PDF 180 KB). The document can be seen […]

Where can I spend bitcoins?

Every day is growing number of retailers who accept for their goods and services Bitcoin payments. Still, the best place to find them are virtual markets and sites that bring together a large number of enterprises and enthusiasts. Spending Bitcoins Material goods The nature of Bitcoin makes it well suited to acquire services online. This […]

OpenBazaar – decentralized trade platform

The team of developers working on OpenBazaar presented the first version of its supermarket peer-to-peer. In contrast to giants such as Alibaba, Amazon or eBay, this new model of online trading is not controlled by any company or organization. OpenBazaar directly connects buyers and sellers of bypassing any intermediaries. By the fact that no third […]

Is bitcoin mining still profitable?

Mining Bitcoins is a process in which we are rewarded with coins in exchange for keeping the computers used for verification of online transactions. Bitcoin miners earn if the market price is higher than the cost of production or the cost of equipment and electricity because such computers are working non-stop. With the development of […]

Bitcoin – currency of present times?

Bitcoin is still very young. It has only 7 years, and has already come a long way – from innocent experiment, by currency speculation and Internet tool for drug dealers, even after promising technology, which has already attracted over a billion dollars of venture capital investments. No one yet fully knows what role bitcoin will […]

How are bitcoins generated?

Bitcoins are generated by the processing power of computers. In the initial assumptions, everyone had to be able to generate BTC on their own machines. Since, however, the pool of coins, which may be generated in such a way (dug) is delimited and closed it with each BTC which is appealing to the circuit increases […]

Bitcoin predictions for 2017

The decision to leave the UK European Union took its toll on the international financial market. While the basic assets depreciate (pound sterling after Brexit recorded the lowest price for 31 years), the cryptocurrency market participants gather the harvest. An example would be the pioneer of the digital currency Bitcoin, which recorded big increases like […]

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin (bit – the basic unit of digital information + coin) is a type of digital currency, created and stored electronically. No one controls. Bitcoins are not printed as dollars or euros; They are “produced” by many people around the world who use computers to solve complex mathematical problems. What is Bitcoin and how it […]